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Decanter Amadeo Limted Edition 265 Year Bundle

Decanter Amadeo Limted Edition 265 Year Bundle


 RIEDEL offer a wide range of elegant mouth-blown decanters, suitable for every lifestyle and price range. A functional and beautiful decanter is a must-have for wine lovers, and all RIEDEL decanters are made of fine crystal glass to honour quality wines with the treatment they deserve. Both old and young wines can benefit from decanting, whether to remove sediment or make them smoother and rounder.

In 2021, we celebrate 265 years of the RIEDEL business. We have launched a collection of new value packs to celebrate this momentous occasion, featuring some of our most popular products in festive new packaging. Have someone you’d like to celebrate? The RIEDEL 265 Anniversary Sets are the perfect gift.

The Amadeo was launched in 2006 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of RIEDEL, and now celebrates their 265th anniversary with this special bundle including one decanter, one microfibre polishing cloth, and one set of decanter beads.

Named after fellow Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose 250th birthday was also celebrated that year, the Amadeo hand-blown decanter is shaped like a lyre and pours like a dream. Wine is simply decanted into the vessel’s wider opening and poured into the glass through its slender mouth. This decanter is designed for a single bottle of wine.

These tiny stainless steel beads remove dirt, residue, sediment, and superficial stains from inside the decanter.

Simply fill the vessel with water, add the beads and swirl. If dried and stored correctly, the beads can be used many times. Please be aware that this product cannot be used in our snake decanters (Eve, Mamba, Boa) as they can become lodged in the tail.

This polishing cloth is the perfect lint-free tool for drying and polishing your glassware products.

It can be applied dry or lightly damp, cleans thoroughly and scratch-free, removes grease and dries at the same time, polishes without leaving behind fluff or lint.

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