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Riedel Decanter Bacchus

Riedel Decanter Bacchus

€365.00 €328.50

The Bacchus decanter distinguishes itself by an elegant and complex design.

Formed freely by hand by RIEDEL master glass blowers, the Bacchus decanter is extremely demanding to create, with a wide mouth for both receiving and pouring wine that gradually tapers in a spiral to a curled and closed tip. The Bacchus’ expansive horizontal design, which measures over 45cm long, creates a wide bowl at the base of the decanter that maximizes the surface-to-air space allowing wine to fully open up and aerate in the vessel. With a fluent silhouette, it is a functional work of art, worthy of a tabletop centerpiece.

This decanter is designed for a single bottle of wine.

This pack contains a single piece.
This product is handmade. Please handwash only.
The RIEDEL Bottle Cleaner cannot be used with this product as they can become lodged and unable to remove.