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Decanter Swan Rainbox Magnum Limited Edition

Decanter Swan Rainbox Magnum Limited Edition


The Riedel swan magnum decanter, created in collaboration with the Elton John AIDS Foundation is part of a limited edition, 5 of which will be auctioned by Elton himself throughout the year.

This elegant decanter features beautiful long curves of the graceful swan with a colourful rainbow flourish within the glass on the inner curve of the decanter. The wide opening allows wine to be poured in with the long neck providing air for taste and aroma, doubling up as handle for pouring.

The swan magnaum decanter features Sir Elton John's signature delicately engraved into the base accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate featuring the serial number.

Each of these decanters are individually made by the highly skilled glass blowers at Riedel using a complex and difficult process. Each decanter in this edition is a unique piece, a mouth-blown work of art made of crystal glass.

The Riedel swan magnum decanter is 79.5cm in height and has a capacity of 1.5 litre.

Delicate handwashing is advised for this unique piece.