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Riedel Fatto a Mano Set Riesling

Riedel Fatto a Mano Set Riesling


“Fatto a Mano”, meaning hand-made in Italian, is Riedel‘s stunning new introduction for 2017. Hand-made in Tiroler Glashütte, at Riedel‘s headquarters in Austria, this new stemware collection bears the typical attributes of a Riedel product: varietal specific, thin blown, unadorned, and standing tall on slender stems.

With its hand-made stem and base, “Fatto a Mano“ combines the crafts of the past with today‘s technologically-advanced, machine blown techniques. The finished product charms the eye with its hand-crafted feel, colourful aesthetics and varietal specific bowls. The colours of the stems are white, black / pink, yellow, red, green and blue.

The Riesling glass is perfect for balancing the high acidity and residual sugar of fruit-forward white wines. This shape is the most versatile white wine glass in the RIEDEL range. It helps to balance the fresh characters and high mineral components, emphasising the wonderful fruit aromas. This pack contains six glasses, each with a different coloured stem for added impact. Finished by hand and dishwasher safe.

Quantity: Set of 6
Set Consists:

1 pcs each colour x Black, Green, Yellow, Blue, White & Red


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