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Beach Wines

Beach Wines

When at the beach the last thing one thinks about is wine pairing. Typically, a good chilled bottle of wine does the job, whether you are eating a burger from a hawker or a nice hobza you prepared at home.

There are a lot of scenarios at the beach, whether you’re at a fancy seaside lido, on a boat or on a humble towel with just a picnic cooler and an umbrella. Let us look at the last scenario as the most common scenario.

Usually, a day at the beach involves some food prep. The food is usually consumed cold with no access to heating; pasta salads, sandwiches, fruit and very importantly some savoury snacks, to munch the day away. It is very hard to pair a wine with each snack or dish prepared, however this type of pairing is more of a pairing to the mood of the day at the beach. Below are our recommendations: (Very important that the wine is well chilled and you have plenty of ice in the cooler. With the summer heat a wine can go from chilled to undrinkable in a few minutes)

Do not opt for wines that are heavy and too complicated, easy-drinking neutral wines with a nice refreshing acidity are ideal. Sparkling wines like prosecco, never fail. Reds are not ideal, since they are usually too heavy to enjoy in the heat, however, a light fruity red served chilled can be an amazing pairing especially during the later hours of the day.

Always carry a wine glass with you, drinking good wine in a plastic cup spoils all the fun.

Our top picks for a day at the beach are:
Bellenda Miraval Prosecco Extra Dry
Doppio Passo Grillo
Michel Lynch Bordeaux Rose
Pra Valpolicella