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Family Dinners

Family Dinners

The season, Autumn, when the weather gets cooler, days get shorter and we start to enjoy dining at home more often. Kids start school and even though we get back to our routines, life becomes more hectic and what better way to end the day than a nice family dinner. Autumn is also the season when we go back to using our ovens, the cooler weather makes it bearable and when cooking for numbers an oven is so convenient.

For this month’s wine pairing we are choosing 3 typical traditional dishes which are popular, tasty and also lifesavers when running out of ideas. They are also ideal as there are always leftovers, which means you can skip cooking for a day or two.

The first dish is a popular baked pasta dish; Imqarrun. The ingredients of this dish are penne or rigatoni, a meat ragout, parmesan cheese and a cheese sauce. You can go for a great variety of red wines with this dish, however, the cheese sauce makes the dish richer. Therefore a bottle of Rallo ‘Il Manto’ Nero d’ Avola from Sicily is recommended. 

The second dish is the traditional roasted chicken with potatoes. A classic dish that only the thought of it makes you want to sit around a table and tuck in the succulent chicken and fight for the roasted potatoes that are mostly burnt. For this dish we recommend a rich white wine or an oaked Chardonnay. So if you are a white wine lover we then recommend The Federalist Wines Chardonnay. A beautiful creamy Chardonnay from Mendocino County in California.

After a rich starter and main course, something refreshing fits perfectly. Since we are in the mood of traditional food, what can be more traditional than a home-made (or not) ‘?elat tan- nanna’ or granny’s ice-cream. This ice-cream is made of condensed milk, almonds and candied peel amongst other ingredients. A nice glass of Marco Bonfante Winery Moscato d’Asti will match perfectly.

Enjoy your dinner.