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Women's Day

Women's Day

Women represent the backbone of our society, what we sometimes refer to as the fairer sex, symbolise resilience, passion, hard work and patience. Those same characteristics also represent what making great wine is all about.

For a vine to produce great grapes, it has to suffer, it’s roots have to dig deep inside the soil to find the minerals and substances need to produce a great wine. Instead of a food and wine pairing, will choose three wines that represent these characteristics.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, by Domaine des Sénéchaux

Many are surprised when they see a white Châteauneuf-du-Pape, who gained fame as red wine. Only one from every 16 bottles from this appellation is white. A blend of Roussanne, Clairette, Grenache blanc, Bourboulenc. Each adding their signature to the taste, aromas and structure of the wine.

Fides Barbera ‘Vigna Mosconi’ by Pio Cesare

Behind this wine, there is an incredible story. It symbolises the trust the Pio Cesare family have and have had in the Barbera grape. Planted on land which is usually used for producing Barolo and which economically would yield more income, the family decided to plant the Barbera grape, giving it their trust and space to shine, treating it equally to the more famous Barolo and producing a wine of equal greatness. Indeed, this wine is probably one of the best wines produced from the Barbera grape you will ever find.

The story above very much symbolises the status quos in our society, however, trust and belief in one’s capability, irrelevant of gender and race can produce great results and a better society for all.

Rouge 2013 by Domaine de Bargylus

This wine is considered the most dangerous wine ever produced. Making wine in Syria is a real challenge given the lack of wine culture and infrastructure. The task became more difficult with the breaking out of the war in Syria. The Saadé brothers have been unable to visit the estate during the conflict. Besides the obvious security problems, Bargylus also faces a logistical hassle: Harvesting is done over the phone by the two brothers. Grape samples are sent by taxi for tasting in Beirut in order to determine the harvesting dates for each parcel; laboratory tests are made outside the country; exporting of the wines is also an extremely complex process. However, despite all the above, the Saadé brothers manage to produce an exceptional wine just the same.

Happy Women’s Day.