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Citadelle Gin Juniper Decadence - Limited Edition

Citadelle Gin Juniper Decadence - Limited Edition

€55.00 €49.50

Fresh and intense, it starts on juniper berry, orange peel, with herbal [absinthe, coriander], minty, woody [cedar, fir needle] almost smoky and balsamic notes. It then evolves on blackcurrant bud, flowers [violet, orris root] and soft spices (cardamom, cubeb and grains of paradise).

Silky and oily with a bittersweet and smoky profile on juniper, pepper, coconut, ginger and nutmeg. Camphor, angelica, cinnamon, anis, licorice, cypress and celery become more and more present, sip after sip.

Very long, fresh and spicy, herbal and woody at the same time with mint, bitter almond, thuja, orange peel, eucalyptus, rosemary, coconut milk and mastic.

1 month in very rare small 1 OD-liter Juniper casks. Highly charred casks to express juniper's vegetal, minty, conifer wood notes, adding a smoky flavor.

Our 25th Anniversary Limited Edition
To amplify our signature aromatic's fresh, herbal and smoky aromas, we aged our original recipe in rare and small 1 OD-liter juniper wood barrels for extra flavor. Citadelle Juniper Decadence - a toast to the pioneer of French gin since 1996! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Citadelle, the pioneer of French gin, we are launching this very limited edition, designed by Anne-Lise Bertrand, a French artist who drew on the label Citadelle's universe: our juniper field in front of the Chateau de Bonbonnet, our own experimental distillery, the French southwestern art de vivre.