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Arzuaga La Planta

Arzuaga La Planta


The medium-high colour intensity with cherry red hues and violet rims denote the youth of the wine.

High aromatic intensity, with a great variety of fruits, where the aromas of red fruits stand out and the acid strawberry and cherry predominate and along with these the notes of scrubland and resins, mineral touches and roasted aromas typical of its stay in the barrel.

Balance and harmony between the taste components, we are faced with a structured, meaty wine that always amazes for its smoothness and freshness typical of our La Planta wine.

Food & Temperature
Fish fried and in sauce, sausage, white meats, roasted poultry, rice of sea or mountain, so cheeses or little cured. Service temperature 14º/16ºC.

  • Red, Still, Dry, 750ml