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Bellaria Taurasi 2014

Bellaria Taurasi 2014

Agricola Bellaria produces Taurasi wine in the countryside around Montefalcone, in the province of Avellino. This is one of the very few areas approved to cultivate Aglianico, the grape variety from which Taurasi wine is made. Following strict manufacturing standards set by the technical policies for production and after a six-year-long course, Aglianico grapes gain the typical Taurasi peculiarities. Origin, features and production techniques needed for the D.O.C.G appellation are attested by a certified quality auditor. The exceptional nature of Taurasi is linked to the coexistence of different factors like the soil, the weather and the fruitful vineyards on the hills of Irpinia, all situated between 500 and 600 metres high. Taurasi’s wine production doesn’t exceed 10 tons per hectare and the maximum grapes yield is a 60% per hectare. Among the best wines in southern Italy, Taurasi is a full-bodied and firmly structured wine with an important content of alcohol that gives an instant warm feeling to the taster. Taurasi wine is refined in wooden barrels for a twelve-month period. It undergoes different organoleptic processing techniques that lend it its distinctive features and flavour. Taurasi is then subject to “molecular maceration”, a day-long process where the juice and the peels come in contact under controlled conditions. The fruity and intense flavour of Taurasi wine is completed by delicious notes of vanilla, licorice and chocolate. At an ideal serving temperature of 16°-18°C, Taurasi wine matches tasty dishes and it’s the perfect wine for elegant dinners. It goes wonderfully with game, firm and seasoned cheeses and red and fatty meats. The pleasant aroma of Taurasi wine can be more or less intense depending on the content of alcohol. Its typical colour is ruby red with an orangey tinge that becomes stronger while the wine ages.

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  • Red, Still, Dry, 750ml