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Doppio Passo Primitivo Puglia BIO

Doppio Passo Primitivo Puglia BIO

The full-bodied taste of this red wine is obtained during a second fermentation on the skins of the primito grape. The peculiarity is that after the first fermentation, the wine is placed back on the skins to undergo a second fermentation. The primitivo thus gains unbelievably abundance and structure. Only the best grapes grown according to organic standards are vinified for the Doppio Passo.

What is the difference between organic and biodynamic wine?
Unlike organic winemaking, the distinction of biodynamic does not change between countries. Biodynamic wines employ organic practices, as they avoid pesticides and depend on compost, rather than chemical fertilizer. The majority of these wines are, therefore, also organic in practice.

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€10.99 €9.34
  • Red, Still, Dry, 750ml