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Fosso Cancelli Colline Pescaresi Pecorino IGP

Fosso Cancelli Colline Pescaresi Pecorino IGP

The grapes of the vineyards of Pianella and/or Loreto Aprutino are hand-picked and carried in small cases and taken in the winery. Crushing and pressing are undergone with the aid of a small crusher-destemmer and an old press. The must obtained is partly transferred in terracotta amphorae and partly in old French oak tonneaux. To start the fermentation a pied-de-cuve of indigenous yeast is added obtained from the same grapes. The fermentation takes from seven to ten days and the wine is then racked and left to age on fine lees in 15hl Slavonian oak barrels and in terracotta amphorae. The elevation lasts for about two years, following, the wine is racked and bottled without filtering.

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  • White, Still, Dry, 750ml