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Le Bocce Passo Albereto Bianco Toscana 2009

Le Bocce Passo Albereto Bianco Toscana 2009

€30.00 €25.50

This is a special wine, perfect for unwinding after-dinner occasions. Its fruity aroma of pear and apricot blend in gracefully with a light vanilla spice. Best served with cheese, desserts and almond-based pastries. The principles underlining the rationale upon which this unique wine is obtained are: (1) Use of autochthonous vines and respect of local soil. (2) Use of partially ditched grapes with slight botrytis. (3) Use of ancient techniques, such as the drying method (many wines of the past would undergo dehydration prior to vinification) as well as modern techniques typical of the French Southern. Such a technique guarantees the lingering of the wine’s aroma and special scents released by the vines and the noble mould (botrytis) as well as by the aromatic scents obtained during the drying process. Best served with Cheese, almond paste sweets and custard. 

Soil: Fairly fertile, rich in calcium and organic components, very permeable.

Ageing: In French oak casks for 12 months.

  • White, Still, Sweet, 500ml