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Le Bocce Solers Rosso Toscana 2018

Le Bocce Solers Rosso Toscana 2018


This Tuscan wine has been given a name originating from the Latin word meaning “ingenious” and dedicated to the great genius of Leonardo da Vinci. In fact this is a sophisticated modern wine, fresh in taste so as to be more suitable to the new taste of the consumer, while keeping typical features of a red Tuscan wine. Solers - Rosso Toscano wants to blend modernity with innovation, just as Leonardo da Vinci was in the Renaissance. Excellent balance, soft but decisive taste, consistent bouquet with primary aroma of red fruits (cherries and black cherries) with a touch of vanilla lavour. The intense ruby red colour with blue tints is a sign of good longevity. This is the ideal wine to serve with all dishes, perfect if served also between courses. Best served with all dishes. For best results, we suggest to open bottle two hours before drinking.

Soil: Calcareous and poor, basically marl and lime and very permeable.

Ageing: In cement vats.

  • Red, Still, Dry, 750ml